1. Finish the Shelter sweater — DONE
  2. Quilt, bind, and label the big Follow your dreams quilt — Have ideas
  3. Sew knit clothing – go into more detail with that one. — Doing it
  4. Couture dress to be finished — Picked it up again recently
  5. Do old dress muslin — Picked it up again recently
  6. Baby quilt or two — In progress
  7. Weave more dishcloths and handtowels. Weave regularly. — So far, a fail
    1. After the kitchen, do some stuff for the bathroom .
  8. Knit brother sweater — In progress
  9. Knit handspun sweater — Not until I finish two sweaters in progress
  10. Spinning study maintenance — Trailing behind but persistent
  11. Spinning more fall colors to go with orange yarn — Haven’t found time yet.
  12. Knit a batch of hats, for me and to sell. — Hasn’t happened, but this one is due to knitting pain, at least partially.