In the list of interests on my profile page, I have included spinning. By this, I mean spinning fiber into thread/yarn. (I think that technically yarn is a type of thread. I need to look this up.) Last night, I had a peaceful moment spinning away. Upon reflection, I believe this is one of the reasons I like it — it’s a very reflective, relaxing hobby.

Considering how new I am at spinning — I just learned this summer, and just got my wheel at the beginning of this month — I am ironically better at spinning thin yarn than thick. When I took the class this summer, once I got past my first thick-and-thin skein, I immediately leapt into thin yarn. It was actually more difficult for me to achieve a consistently thick yarn. Fortunately, I like thin yarn. But, last night I was trying to produce something thick. And of course, it was not consistently thick. Frustrating.

I only kept it up for a short while last night, but believe me when I say this is on my mind. What’s the trick? Pre-drafting more evenly? Not drafting at all, but instead retraining my fingers to let out just the right amount of fibers? I think I’ll go check out handspinning.com or something similar. Surely there are some ideas out there.

I’ll report back tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to try it again (that’s assuming I have time tonight; I may do something entirely different).


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