Intro to projects 2

Well, today has been a day and a half — mostly because I spent a lot of money.

Something I’ve been thinking about for a year or more is a new sewing machine. But what made me hesitate is that I wanted one of the really nice ones, which meant a goodly amount of money. Well, Thursday night I went to kill some time at a nearby quilt store and found that they had a used machine for half the price of it new, yet it had been barely used. So I let myself be tempted into buying it, somewhat by surprise. On the other hand, this is something like my habit — I think of something for a long time, then decide to buy very suddenly. But all that time I spent looking, thinking, and building myself up to it means that when I finally move, I’m not really moving all that fast. And this was a good deal. It’s a machine that will last and that I can grow into. Here’s hoping that I use it well and to the purposes of God.

However, today I also wanted to introduce you to project #2, except that it will be quick hello and goodbye. I just finished it today. It is a scarf, using a very simple mirrored bars pattern that I picked out of one of the knitting stitch dictionaries, with Fiesta La Luz 100% silk yarn in the bluebonnet color. I decided to make my mother her first knitted gift for Xmas, and since our family celebrates a family Xmas at Thanksgiving (because that is when we are all together), I needed to move on it. So, I used one skein, plus a little bit of #2, and achieved 53″ without any problem. This is of course before blocking. I will hopefully get to that fairly soon.

I’ll try to link a picture later on, when I get one developed.


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