New challenge coming

A new month, new things.

Actually, it’s a lot of the same old, same old.

However, at work we are having a peculiar two-week period. The reason? Our major computer database program is getting an update to be able to use Unicode (we work in a lot of foreign languages, including non-Roman alphabet languages), and during the conversion process, we cannot input/update into the database at all. We can search it, however, which means a lot of people are taking the time to do research connected with longterm work problems that are sitting at one’s desk, waiting for a decision to move them along. I have far too many of these, believe me. Most of the time, the problem is simply finding the time and focus to concentrate on the problem and figure out a solution. Sometimes it is easy; far too often it requires more research; on occasion it is stinking mess. But in a weird way, I’m enjoying this time period to slow down a little bit and focus on some of these things that have been cluttering up my desk for far too long. It also is a brace myself time before facing a major time of testing. I have to do a Quality Review for something I’ve been training in for the last year and a half. I know I have the basic skills, but it’s such a big, complex area that I still feel unprepared. Unfortunately, I don’t have choice; time is limited due to a retirement coming up and I MUST do it now.

At church, we have a youth rally this weekend, and I will have some eight people in my house over the weekend. I will probably actually enjoy this, although the weekend will be exhausting, since I also plan to help out on Saturday morning some as well and I work video on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I’ve also felt like I am fighting off sickness, so I really want to rest. We’ll see how much of that desirable commodity I can achieve.

Days like this leave me little time for textile-related activities at home. However, I’m a firm believer in preparation leaves you able to achieve much — so I carry my crossstitch with me to work for Wednesday meeting with the crossstitch lunch group and my sock knitting with me to Wednesday evening class at church. My quilt top also went with me to work today, but that was so I didn’t have to carry it all in one day, since Thursday is the day for the quilting lunch group. One way or another, I manage to fit something in, if I’m in the mood.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to introduce you to another project, but now I need to go to bed. Desirable commodity, remember?

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