the urge to create

I am paying for last night.

I’ve been frustrated for several days now, because I have several sewing, etc. type things that I want to do, and I am not able to find the time right now. Work, of course, consumes significant amounts of time — made worse today by annoying delays on the Metro. Last weekend, as I mentioned, was busy, though I was glad to have Sunday afternoon to recoup my energy and clean up after having ten people there besides myself. And making sure that I rest enough to NOT get sick takes a certain amount of self-discipline. But last night I failed in the self-discipline required.

After getting home, finishing up laundry chores, and eating, I finally started to work on the project that called most distinctly to my crafting urge. Last night, that was spinning. I finally finished working on the bobbin where I was trying to achieve a thicker yarn than my first two bobbins with the dyed Corriedale. I did okay with that, but still feel that I am not truly consistent yet. Next step will be to measure the WPI for that one.

But since I needed another bobbin, and I still only have the four that came with the wheel, I decided I needed to empty the other two by plying. So I spent the most amazingly lengthy amount of time — I had filled the bobbins with very thin yarn — doing a two-ply. I filled the plied bobbin twice, plus a little bit more. The yarn looks rather nice, considering it’s a first effort of plying since the class. But I need to examine it again in good light. And I am overwhelmed by the thought of figuring out how much I have. I didn’t count as I wrapped the niddy-noddy, and while I know that a MacMorran balance can do it, that is not yet among my possesions. I wonder if I can figure out an equivalent with my food scale? I think so, but I’ll have to do some reading to remember how it works.

But doing all that got me to bed late, since it took a good hour and a half to ply. Of course, I only got to sleep a half-hour late, but still… And of course, I also found out that there was something about my position that my muscles didn’t like. The back muscle just under my left shoulder blade hurts noticeably. And warming it up with exercise and moist heat doesn’t seem to be helping a lot yet. It really hurts when I lean over and try to lift something, or lean over to tie my shoes. A prime demonstration of where the core muscles are and how important they are to daily living.

I did, however, discover something positive. Quite often when I’m working on something that requires hands and eyes, I would have the tv on to listen to. But I don’t really like that as a source of sound. Too many commercials, too much drivel, plus in some ways a waste, since I’m not looking at it. Yet I also know that I don’t often like silence as my working background. And just music doesn’t always do it. My mind likes to be engaged on a listening level that doesn’t work with music, much as I enjoy it, because it doesn’t engage me intellectually. (This is a prime area of difference between myself and my siblings, I think. More on that at another time.) For me, I need words. So I listened to a book on tape (actually a CD that I’d loaded onto the computer), and found it gave me the right level of engagement for what I was doing. Now I’m going to have to start checking them out on a regular basis. And that means I must replace my broken CD-RW drive. The old CD-ROM drive works okay, but it is old and slow.

Anyway, tonight, we’ll see what needs to be done next. I know I need to set the twist in the plied stuff, get rid of the extra leftover on one of the bobbins (ply on itself?), layer the small quilt whatever that I’ve been experimenting with, move along with the dress that I started, umm, ummm, cook something, …

Fortunately, Friday is a federal holiday, and federal worker that I am, I get off! So who knows what I’ll get done (besides a termite inspection and filling my contact lens prescription)?

I’ll try to introduce you to some more projects tomorrow.


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