Sigh of accomplishment

Thursday was significant. After some two years or so (I forget when I started), I finished piecing the top of my sampler quilt BY HAND.

It really wasn’t intentional, at least not at first. I was working on this sampler quilt pattern with a group at work — we would meet every Thursday at noon for lunch time quilting work — and since I had no intention of bringing my machine in with me, I just worked on it by hand. By the time I was on the third block, I’d done them all by hand, and it only called for nine blocks. So I decided to keep on doing it by hand.

Of course, I can’t quite seem to leave patterns alone completely. After doing nine blocks, I was dissatisfied with the size, and decided to add three more, plus redo one of the nine that was a half inch too small. And out of those nine original, maybe half of them are the blocks as given in the book pattern that we were following. Some of them I just didn’t like, and I saw no reason why I should follow them. So I didn’t.

The most interesting thing that occurred was about a year ago, when Jinny Beyer came out with her new book Quiltmaking by hand, which actually talked in detail about piecing by hand and not just quilting by hand. All the quilting books that I had read talked very little about the demands of piecing by hand, and I found her work invaluable in achieving sharp points and accurate sizes. I still haven’t plumbed the depths of the work, but given time, I have no doubt that I will find more valuable information as I apply her tricks of the trade. Maybe one day I’ll be able to take advantage of my location and actually take a class at her store, because it’s not that far away from here.

I’ll take a picture and add it soon.


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