pain of head

I’ve come to realize over the last few years that I suffer from migraines. This is not a happy realization.

Over this past weekend, I started to feel head pain Saturday afternoon. Despite having prescription medication, as well as over the counter migraine pills, the most I could achieve was the pain backing off. It wasn’t until Monday night, when I actually dosed myself with the full amount of prescription medication and over the counter medication possible for a 24-hour period that the pain left me. And I can’t even be sure that that was what got rid of it, since the rain broke that evening, and my migraines are definitely related to weather patterns at times.

In a way, the most frustrating things about these migraines is not the pain itself, but the uncertainty of what causes them and how to heal them. I’m left wondering what to do, when to do it, and how. Do I take the medication? I don’t like any kind of drug dependency, even though I accept it somewhat (allergies would otherwise make my life miserable). Do I wait to take the medication? Sometimes leaping on the pain quickly stops it from getting bad, but I feel like I’m swatting a fly with a hammer if I do it too soon. Keeping records hasn’t gotten me anywhere yet. Instead I feel like I’m constantly guessing in limbo, stunned when I get one of the bad ones, amazed at how debilitating the pain is. I guess I’m just fortunate that I don’t get them too often.

Anyway, I’m not writing all this to complain, precisely. I just want to share the frustration of dealing with pain without knowing a solution. Either way, I’m glad I live in a time when there actually is a way to stop it from hurting.

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