good service

The weekend before last I bought the used sewing machine at the local quilt shop, as I shared with you. This past weekend, out of nowhere, the touch screen stopped working. Absolutely bewildering. I haven’t even made the first payment!

But the quilt shop in question showed its quality and made me glad that I had bought from them and not the other Bernina dealer that was even closer to me than them. I took in my 185E, and the shop manager promptly looked at it, said the technician would have to check it out, reassured me that this was fully covered by warranty, and gave me another gently used machine of the same type as a loaner while mine was being worked on. This enabled me to continue working on the dress that was awaiting me (only a hem left to go at this point), and then to try out the walking foot that I had bought at the same time.

I felt cared for. That was good service. And I’ll be buying more from them over time. Taking classes there, no doubt. And getting to know them. That’s what good service achieves. Loyal customers.


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