Intro to projects 3

Well, here’s another hello, goodbye, project. (I’ll get to the quilt I mentioned before in the next post, I think.)

This one is a dress. One of the reasons I wanted to buy a nice new machine was because I’ve been wanting to sew more of my clothes, as well as do more machine quilting and home dec sewing. So the first sewing projects I’ve been doing are simple dresses that I think are in a style that is both comfortable and flattering. So I found McCall’s pattern 8107, a simple, long, princess-style dress, either sleeveless or with very short sleeves. I found a beautiful cotton batik — in the quilting section — that I liked a great deal. In a way, I regard this one as a practice version, since I want resize the pattern to fit me better. At the moment, my measurements match two different sizes. I went with the bigger size, which means it doesn’t look as good as I would like, but it does fit adequately, but only because it’s meant to fit loosely. I think that next thing I will do is actually cut a muslin pattern in order to get a better fit before cutting into the next piece of fabric that I already have waiting. In the meantime, I’d like to find a similar pattern for heavier weight fabrics with long sleeves. I need some winter dresses even worse than I need summer ones.

I wonder when I will have time to expand to pants and shirts?

The fact that it’s a hello, goodbye, project is actually somewhat surprising to me, but apparently my skills in sewing are improving at least a little bit. I had done a somewhat similar dress, though not exactly the same, earlier this year, and the cloth was already cut out from the summer. And the excitement of getting a new machine stimulated me so much I actually worked on it quickly, and finished the majority of the work within a weekend. I find this rather exciting to contemplate. Maybe moving on to pants won’t be that long a trip — if I can keep this up.


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