Intro to projects 4

In a way, I’ve already introduced you to this project — it’s the quilt I’ve been piecing by hand for so long. Having come this far by hand, I intend to do the whole thing that way, which means it won’t be done soon, so let me tell you a little about it.

So anyway, as I mentioned before, it started out as a sampler quilt pattern from a book — I forget which one. Someone else had it and only copied the pages with the templates and very basic instructions for each of the group. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an iffy idea, because several of the templates had problems, and the instructions for several of them did things the hard way. So I ended up redoing quite a bit of it. Then of course, I didn’t like several of the blocks as given, so I changed them.

What did I keep? log cabin, fan, sugar bowl, pinwheel, 8-pointed star applique, I kept the basic applique block, but changed the applique itself from cheesy hearts to a sun and pyramids (I was watching a show on Egypt at the time). Ummm, I think that’s all. I then added a zigzag block, several that I got from the Jinny Beyer website of free patterns such as Dutchman’s puzzle, stonemason’s block, and a least one other that I can’t remember at the moment. There’s several more that I know I’m forgetting, but suffice it to say that each one has at least one small piece of denim in it. That started because I had a bunch of denim scraps leftover from a project for VBS at church a year or so before, and wanted to use them in a genuinely scrap quilt. So although the rest of the blue and yellow fabrics were bought, the denim pieces, both blue and black, were true scraps, which meant an amazing variation of shades of denim. It really shows up nicely in the fan block, since I used all denim for my fan shape.

The blend of blues and yellows came from a 1-yd. piece of fabric that I used for my inspiration to start. It was a sewing notions print that was very charming, in a variety of shades on a yellow background. I liked it so much that it became something of a theme piece. If I’d had more, I would have used it in every block just like the denim. Unfortunately, not enough to even consider it.

Right now I’m working on sewing together some fabric for the back. I found a lovely yellow with different colored butterflies that I’m using. Once I’ve done that, then comes the merry pinning party. I’ll probably have to buy some more pins because I certainly don’t have enough for an entire quilt!

Then comes a whole new challenge — quilting it. Quilting through denim — well, at least it won’t be two layers of denim to quilt through. Of course, I am planning on denim for the binding, so the last step may be the hardest!


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