Spinning tighter

This past weekend I got stimulated to spin. I had finished the Corriedale roving that I had, attempting to spin it up thicker. I still can’t quite get it consistent, but there were sections where it fairly steady in thickness. I’m not overjoyed, but not precisely displeased either. Anyway, I plied the two bobbins, experimenting so more all the while. This time I moved the string on the smallest notch of the flyer in order to get the highest revolutions possible. The difference was noticeable. The twist on the two-ply was much tighter, given the number of wheel turns I was giving it. In fact, I think I may have overtwisted it in the plying, but I still liked it better. It was nicely tight and made the yarn bigger in diameter. The most fascinating part was watching the thicker sections unintentionally match up with the thinner sections in the second ply. Wholly unplanned, I assure you.

I then moved quickly and spun up this mystery roving I had gotten at my closest yarn shop. They don’t sell spinning stuff; apparently, Brown Sheep Co. had used this stuff as packing in the shipping boxes, which is doubtless a good indicator of its quality. But it was interesting to play with. I got an even thicker yarn that time around.

The reason I got so stimulated was because I am a new member of a weaving and spinning guild, and decided to try to contribute to the craft fair where we sell items in order for the guild chapter to make some profit. We sell our own items and get money for them, and the guild gets 10% of the profit. It’s only a week and a half away, so I have to move fast to finish what I want to give. The interesting thing will be to see if it sells!

(No, I don’t weave — yet. I do have other crafts that I haven’t mentioned yet, but that isn’t one of them. Yet.)


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  1. sarah said,

    February 24, 2006 at 12:59 am

    I’ve been exploring your blog…very very nice. I like your thought processes. Any pix, by any chance, on the weaving and handwork stuff?? Most interesting. Thanks!

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