Intro to projects 6

On to the next project to introduce — you know, it’s only when I list them off like this and number them that I realize how many projects I actually do (as in finished), am doing, and would like to do. Just wait until I get to the list of ideas.

Now the sweatshirt cardigan is something I actually saw way back in college. A friend who had some sewing skills had made herself one very simply. I was inspired enough to want to follow suit and even bought a cheap sweatshirt and some edging material. But then I never followed through. I’m not sure why, perhaps just too busy, not quite enough interested in craft/sewing things yet, not enough comfortable space in our room for a sewing machine — who knows? But I set it aside and started packing the sweatshirt with my craft stuff for years. Until now.

About a month ago I was watching Sewing with Nancy, and it was a show with a woman named Mary Mulari, who had written at least two entire books on doing stuff to sweatshirt to jazz them up. And I’ve been going through old things, trying to finish off old projects that never got off the ground and otherwise clean out my sewing fabric box. (Basic rule, to avoid extreme amounts of stash of whatever kind, buy a box of some kind and stick with that as the limiting factor. You can only buy enough to fit in it, and past that, you must use it up or get rid of it.) Since I’ve got this nice, new machine, I’ve been using it. So this time, I actually was able to check out one of the books she had written, though not the one I actually wanted — I’ll try again later to get the first one, because I have a feeling it may be a little bit more helpful. But enough to show me some ideas to get me started.

All I really want is to put a simple fabric edging around all edges, add some kind of button or clasp, and have a warm, casual cardigan that I’ve personalized for myself. Interestingly, reading the book did give me a option that I hadn’t considered before. I can get rid of all the elastic edges around a sweatshirt with limited effort and little problems with raveling. This pleases me, because often the elastic is too tight for the size of the sweatshirt. I’ve already removed the wrist edges and the bottom. Now all that is left is the neck. The problem then will be cutting the center line of the cardigan (instructions are in the book), then putting an edging on in combination with interfacing, so as to give it proper support. Since none of the patterns she gives does exactly what I want, I’ll have to improvise a little. That’s actually why I want to look at the first book rather than the second one that I have, because I think of what I want as very simple — it’s the fabric that gives the pizzazz, not the design — and I would assume that the first book would tend to have the simpler styles. Maybe it will have more explicit instructions for what I want!

Anyway, that the #6 project. We’ll continue the progression next time.


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