Intro to projects 7

Now, let me see, where was I with #7? Oh, yes, the hooded towel.

Well, I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was clearing out old projects. Well, this was another of those old projects, more or less.

You see, my mother has the interesting tendency of cleaning out her closet/attic/boxes in general, and whenever she finds something of a crafty nature, she gives it to me to do with as I will. Sometimes it is supplies that I have absolutely no use for, and they get passed on. Sometimes it is actually something I might use — though rarely. And on occasion, it is an old project of hers that she never completed.

The hooded towel was one of those simple projects that you see and think — oh, I can do that! A friend at the church back where my parents attend made them for new babies and gave them at baby showers. It is simply a nice, soft towel, that has had a hood added to it, middle of the long side of the towel, decorated with some simple ribbon with some kind of nursery type decoration. The hood is made of the matching hand towel or something similar, that has been cut in half and then had a seam sewn across the cut edge to make a hood shape. Then the bottom edge of the hood is sewn onto the long side of the towel, at the midpoint, to make a towel that you can lay a baby in and have there head properly covered when they come out of the bath.

So, Mom had actually sewn the hood, pinned the ribbon down, and …

And there it stayed for quite a while; I don’t really know how long. Long enough that one of the pins was starting to show signs of rust! So when she gave me this bag of stuff for me to go through, I looked at that and said to myself, “Oh, I can finish it easily.” Well, it was easy, though I did make one small mistake, but then I’m still figuring some things out, and it took me a while to get around to it. But that, let’s use the new machine urge is still active, and I’ve just in general been very focused on do something crafty on a regular basis now. So I finished it the other night, just in time to give at a baby shower. But I am going to wash it first, just to be sure it’s in good condition for a baby to use.

Edited to add: I gave it at the baby shower, and it was well-received. I think I may make some more.


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