Winter drain

No, I am not talking about plumbing. I am actually talking about how tiring the weather can be.

I have found that during the dark part of fall and winter, when as happens all too often I go to work before the sun rises and leave after the sun sets, my energy is drained by the end of the day. When I was younger it wasn’t so bad, but then a lot of things change as you get older, so I don’t know why I’m commenting on the obvious. But it’s just that it’s become clearer to me in recent years especially that I really need sunlight, and even with sunlight, the cold severely drains me of energy, enough so that I do much less in the winter than at any other time of year.

For example, the other day we had snow, which meant that getting to work and getting back took special effort, I didn’t go out for lunchtime, and I was extremely chilled by the time I got in the door. I had barely two hours before bedtime, and I could barely function enough to get supper, much less DO anything.

Now, I’m not saying I’m like that every night of winter — I went out the next night — but I am far more likely to feel it in winter than I ever would in summer. I was talking to a friend about it today at lunchtime, and she asked me if it was SAD, but truly, I think it’s just an example of what everyone suffers from during winter; the SAD people just take it to an extreme because they feel the lack of light so much more intensely. And other people feel it far less, but then there are people who like the cold, which I don’t. I like light and heat, and I’m cranky if I don’t get it. (This will actually be another benefit of telework, since I get more light at home.)

Actually, thinking of SAD always reminds of Northern Exposure, and the episode where Walt, I think it was, was diagnosed with SAD, and so Dr. Fleischmann prescribed a light full-spectrum light for him to wear on his cap, and he overdosed on it. I really liked that show, but that episode stuck with me a bit more than some of the others. The final scene of Walt coming to the doctor’s office to get his daily dose of “sunlight” was rather funny.

Ah, well, tomorrow I get to see the sun.

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