Intro to projects 8

Well, it’s been busy this past week with Christmas stuff and just living. I’ve been busy at work and actually working some extra hours, since I was in the work mode of thinking and I needed the extra hours. And so that has gotten in the way of actually posting about the Christmas project that crops up every year now for the past three or four. And what is it? Answer: Christmas stockings.

One of the groups I meet with at work during lunchtime is a quilting group. It had, long before I got involved with it, a regular charity that they give to at Christmastime, providing stockings for needy children. I’ve been happy to contribute to it by making some stockings to give each year.

This year I was able to make four. Two of them were crazy patch stockings, and somewhat rushed, so I don’t know how good they are. The other two were me playing on my new machine. I made them out of red felt, and used green thread to do all these varied decorative stitches that came with the machine. I did take some pictures of those two, so I’ll put them up soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been reflecting on this whole war on Christmas thing that seems to be going on in American culture right now. Although I am definitely a Christian, this little contretemps strikes me as ironically humorous. Why? Because 1) Jesus wasn’t born on December 25 and 2) “Christmas” trees actually come from pagan symbols.

Now I’m not saying that some of the conservative types don’t have a point; the multiculturalism that gets rid of the Christian symbols in favor of the other symbols is a sign of a significant problem. If you are going to be open to adding the other holiday greetings of this season, well and good, but it doesn’t mean you should get rid of the Christmas meanings, it means you should add the others without getting rid of Xmas symbols. That’s what inclusiveness is.

But when you consider the fact the Christ Mass was grafted onto ancient pagan holidays and that, as I understand it, current scholarly thinking is that Jesus was actually born in the spring and that the wise men did NOT come on the night of his birth but some time within the first two years of his life, making an issue of this strikes me as, well, ironic. I’m perfectly willing to celebrate His birth at this time of the year, but the historical inaccuracy of it annoys me.

But then, there’s a lot about Christmastime that annoys me, especially the madhouse of consumerism that happens at this time of year. I love the season, but I have to limit its obsessiveness, otherwise it can take over your life.

With that in mind, here’s hoping you have a relaxing, peaceful holiday that doesn’t overwhelm you.


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