Just so you know, I’m not sick. At least not physically. Well, that is, if you don’t include the migraine headache that won’t quite let go this week — but I’m not infectious sick.

What I am is infected by blogs. To be precise, I am infected by startitis that is rampant on blogs.

Truthfully, it’s my own fault.

I started a new project.

I’m not sure what it is, really, or why I felt I had to do this. I was just in a mood, unhappy with most of the knitting projects on the needles, unable to find the time to do something with the sewing machine (you know, December busyness). And not quite sure what I wanted to do next on the machine anyway.

This is not to say that I don’t have a selection of possibilities. There’s the muslin to do a pattern shaping thing for the dress I’ve already made, plus the material to do the next one. There’s the little pin squares for SAI members that I want to do. There’s the binding to add to the harmonic convergences experiment I did. I could always drag out the handwork for the denim quilt back or the crossstitch that never goes away (have I told you about that one yet? If I haven’t I will, believe me.) Or even the next embroidery project(s) I have in mind. There’s the spinning that I have on the list. And of course in the knitting area I have the shawl, the sock, the other shawl, the afghan (one block), the cardigan (not actually started yet, just swatched), the scarf (also just swatched). But I felt restless, wanting to start something new, and both the cardigan and the afghan didn’t quite qualify because I wasn’t ready enough to move on them.

Knitting blogs constantly show progress, new projects impulsively started, and in some ways I find this inspiring, but they make me want to START lots more than I can finish, and I know it, so — all right! It’s not their fault. It’s all me. I just wanted to see if it was really true — baby clothes are quick knits. (We’ll see; so far I’m suspicious of the statement, but the lack of speed may be more due to lack of time. I’m taking it with me over the holidays, so we’ll see how it goes when I’ve got some concentrated knitting time.) I wanted to actually work on a sweater, one with sleeves, before I did it on a big scale with the purplish cardigan (that’s next on the tell-you-about-it project list). I wanted something ready for the next baby shower to come along (several occurred recently). I wanted — something new.

So, I started a baby cardigan. I picked up some Lamb’s Pride Worsted from the knitting store — I had to go there for something else and I have nothing suitable in my small stash — and checked out a book from the library — Tadpoles and tiddlers by Rowan — and picked out a charming baby cardigan pattern. It’s called Jammy Dodger by Louisa Harding. I like the simple stitch pattern, which is easy to memorize, and so far I’m enjoying it, even though I only have a couple of inches of the back to show (I did do a swatch, but only a very brief one that I then ripped).

I still blame the blogs.


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