60 done

Yesterday was a day of accomplishment. After focusing very intensely for about a month, I finally finished the 60 book sample for achieving independence in subject cataloguing. It’s been a long haul, and in many way I still don’t feel ready to be no longer reviewed by my trainer, but it’s really inevitable, since he is retiring. We are losing too many at the library, and too much knowledge is passing without the time for it to be properly passed on. So my part is to take on the cataloguing of books in Iberoamerican history and literature, and face the fact that I’m going to get some of them wrong.

(Of course, I was getting somewhat close to being ready for independence — I’ve begun to disagree with my trainer. And that is one of the prime signs that you are developing the necessary skills because you have your own ideas about how the headings should be used. I will certainly try to follow some of his patterns, but not all. No, not all, at all.)

Ah, well, at least this time of testing is past.

In the meantime, I figured out a good excuse for the baby cardigan. If I can get it done with decent speed, I’ll give it to my new baby cousin (first cousin, once removed). The giving of it would be a fine time to go and see them.

Tomorrow I take off for my parents’ house for the holidays. See you next week when I get back.

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