In line with yesterday’s comments about being contrary, I decided to name this post obligatory because almost everybody does it — the new year’s post. It’s positively traditional, so traditional it’s practically required. Of course, me being contrary means that I feel rebellious about it, so I don’t think you’ll get a long disquisition about the year’s accomplishments or the goals for the new year. I don’t really do new year’s resolutions — don’t believe in them as a good thing. But I do feel a need for reflection. After all, I just spent several days over the new year’s weekend putting all my files in order, and so now I need to organize my thoughts a bit.

So what do I have to say? Hmmm…

It was a good year, 2005. There were some significant things that happened, but even those were fairly minor as things go. I think in a way the biggest thing for me was simply making progress. I made progress in taking care of my house (new front door), I made progress on the crafts I’ve been working on (finished a sweater, made some gifts, finished piecing a quilt top by hand) and added a new one (spinning), I made progress in my life as a librarian (now a whole book cataloguer, soon to add shelflisting as well), I made progress in my life at church by adding a ministry or two that will hopefully stretch my talents (now doing audio work some and also started the life group of crafts), I made progress in some of the goals I have set for my life, though sadly not all of them, and it’s time to review them all to see what comes next.

For this year, do I have any goals? Well, I was reading on Angry Chicken about an idea for some goals for the new year. While I don’t think I will be quite so orderly about it, I do think I will meditate on some ideas like that. For example, one goal for the year is to take one class in at least one of my craft areas to learn something new or improve a skill. There are certainly many options around here, so one way or another I’m going to do it. Another goal would be to attend a crafting retreat of some sort, although that may be more a matter of saving for it than actually doing it this year. Once I’ve reviewed my longterm goals, I will consider precisely what type of goals I want to assign specifically to this year. There will certainly be some!

(Big one — renovate front bathroom! But I’m already working on that one.)

Sadly, I must go get read for bed at this moment, but I’ll certainly return to this topic. Hasta la vista!

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