Afghan project, project #10

This one will be a longterm knitting project.

One of my biggest problems is I am often cold. So it seems to me that a warm blanket of wool would be a wonderful addition to my living room. (Of course a quilt would be also, and I am actually planning on using the denim quilt in there as well, but I like variety.) So I got the idea of knitting an afghan for my living room. And then I got the idea — what about using this as a learning experience? Get a bunch of colors in the same kind of wool and then do lots of squares in stitch and purl patterns. (Not colorwork or cable work, at this point. Maybe on the next afghan.) Of course, I need to get one of those stitch dictionaries, but I’m not in a rush about it. There’s plenty of basic stitch patterns out there to begin with.

So the plan? In discussing it with a fellow knitting friend, I decided: each pattern will have its own color, so that a new color starting will indicate a new pattern; I will knit the blocks in varying sizes; I will actually knit a long strip of differing colors/patterns, but the strips can be of differing widths, and when I’ve done enough strips, I will only have strips to sew together.

I started simple: first block is basketweave on 35 stitches. I did approximately 7″ length. Now I’ve switched to a different color and a different stitch: seed stitch. Of course, that is a very plain stitch, so might be good to use that as a connector and not a full block size… maybe.

Next stitch? Something that will fit on 35 stitches.

The yarn I decided on? Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed (85% wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere) in a variety of colors: greens, grays, burgundy, blues, etc. Who knows? Eventually I may use every color available.

In the meantime, let me report on the baby sweater. First thing: I made a mistake in describing it — it’s not a baby cardigan, it’s a pullover sweater with a buttoned placket in front. I still like it, although I didn’t realize I was going to have a pullover. I was worried until I realized the placket was there; in my opinion, all baby clothes should be easy to pull on, and a sweater with no way to widen the neck area for pulling over the baby’s head is a no-go.

Next thing, the color of the Lamb’s Pride Worsted is M-75 Blue Heirloom. Since I’m hoping it will be exactly that — an heirloom, to a minor degree — it seems appropriate. It’s a nice, bright blue to blue-green shade.

And progress? Well, I started it around Dec. 20, 2005. Now, exactly one month later, I have finished the back, front (except for button hole placket, which I’m waiting to finish until I have the actual buttons), and one sleeve. One more sleeve and I’ll be sewing it together. That’s amazingly fast for me. Of course, a thicker yarn and medium-sized needles also make a difference. I tend to go for finer yarns and small needles, so this has been a change.

I should have just enough of the yarn in three skeins, which will be very nice. So, I guess with a little concentration, a baby sweater is a quick knit. I’m rather pleased. And when you consider that I’ve still been working on other things as well, I’m even more pleased. I think as soon as this one is done, I’ll start the baby cardigan that I did copy from that same book. But I’ll think about that next week.

In the meantime, much crafting is happening. But that’s for another post.


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