Intro to projects 11

What’s next?

My brain continues to teem with ideas of things to make. Let me list some to tell you about.

11. fabric brooches
12. embroidery ideas
13. prayer shawl
14. cable scarf
15. quilt for Mom
16. potholders
17. jewelbox quilt
18. preemie sleeper for charity/friends; also need to make a hat — anyone know a pattern?
19. bags
20. yellow dress (muslin first! since the batik dress showed that the sizing is not perfect)
21. winter dresses
22. spinning for sweater
23. Celtic blackwork pattern
24. a shawl with leftover yarn from springtime hat (I need to tell you about that one too.)
25. possibilities for leftovers

I think that is actually all I have going right now. And I must add that many of these are at the idea stage or the collecting of material stage, not the active working-on-it stage. But you see, that’s actually something I’d like to use the blog for, a kind of verbal/visual journal that helps me shape my creative ideas and work out the technical side of the skills needed. Of course, I also want to use it to record my thoughts; sometimes I have too many to just settle down and figure out what I actually think about something until I’ve written it down. And typing is just the right speed.

So, let me get back to the project #11.

This was something I saw and was trying to copy. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of a music fraternity for women, SAI. Well, part of the membership entails the wearing of a small badge that you pin to your clothes in the area of the heart. And if you are awarded some kind of honor, you often get these little connected pins that are supposed to hang off your badge. But each one has it’s own pin that must go through your clothes, and it’s hard to get them to all go on straight, plus that’s a lot of pins to put in. Some ladies have four or five that hang off their badges. They have a right to be proud of these things, but it’s such a nuisance to put them on that some don’t bother. I have a connected pin that names my pledge chapter, but I often don’t wear it for that very reason. So someone came up with the interesting idea of a fabric badge that you pin all the pieces to, and it has a pin of its own, and that’s the only one you have to use to attach it to your clothing. Good for the clothing — less holes, good for the badge and accessories — everything is straight and connected, good for the convenience — one pin, not three or more. I believe that the fabric badges were sold at a fundraiser, and someone had apparently made them. Several of our chapter members had one, and several more wished for one. I decided to try to make them.

At first I thought, oh, it’s just a very small quilt square. Which I believe it is. But then I had this leftover interfacing, very stiff and strong, and it occurred to use that. It wasn’t an iron-on interfacing, so I’ve had to sew on the fabric, and I’ll still need to do edging, which I’m planning on doing in the quilt binding style, unless I can find something better. I’ve done some of them, and, well, let’s just say they are improving. I’ll have to sew the clasps on by hand, of course, but that shouldn’t be hard, just tedious.

This is also using up some old material that I’ve had for a long time and really don’t otherwise have any use for. They are not really my colors anymore, but they are the fraternity’s colors (crimson and white, although the fabric is really more red).

I’m going to take some with me to the next meeting, but I really do want to see one of the already-created ones and see if I’m on the right track. If I get it down pat, I’ll make a whole bunch and make them available for minimal sale to the chapter, and/or send some on to the fundraiser at the national convention this summer. It is to fund charities that we support as a national organization, and I would certainly like to use my fabric skills there.

Maybe the iron-on interfacing will be better next time. I’ll have to consider it. After all, this is not something on the level of heirloom sewing. And while I’m somewhat iffy about using the sticky stuff on anything meant to be truly permanent or long-lasting (I’m just suspicious, not really any reason to be, but I fully intend to be stubborn about it), I’m perfectly willing to consider it for something meant to be useful but not necessarily permanent.

Pictures will come when I have them to share.

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