Resolutions of a different kind: question 1

I was reflecting on my lack of resolutions for this year — just a few limited goals — when I started reading the Experience Life magazine that I get as part of my health club membership. As magazines go, it’s rather good. Not being much of a magazine reader, the fact that I often read this one almost cover to cover is good sign that I like the articles and info it carries.

This being the first issue of the new year, it obviously had an article on resolutions. I actually found it interesting. So I thought I might use the ten questions it gives in the second section as a way of evaluating my past year and the coming year. It might give me some ideas. So here goes…

10 Questions

1. What did I accomplish in the past year? Did you show up for an important relationship? Achieve a body breakthrough? Conquer a fear? Complete an important task? Establish a healthy new habit? List them all!

Learned a new skill — spinning
Made progress on many craft projects, completed some — dresses completed, finished piecing quilt top, finished castle & island section of cross-stitch and started on dragon, finished tank top sweater, completed felted hat (first time felting) and two sweaters for Xmas gifts, more? Can’t think of any big ones, but were probably some small ones.
Home improvement — replaced front door and screen door, which was desperately needed and I had been planning for over a year.
Responsibilities — added new ministry involvements in audio, worship team, and craft group; accomplished one year as treasurer for music fraternity; received Outstanding on my personnel evaluation at work, so apparently I’m doing good there; achieved a certain degree of completion for guild website.
Other area? Can’t think of any off the top of my head, but then this is more than I realized I had done. I may come back and add them as I think of them.

I’ll address the rest of the questions individually. It does help to realized at least some of what I’ve actually accomplished.

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