Resolutions of a different kind: question 2

10 questions continued

2. What were my biggest disappointments? Perhaps a friendship fell apart, or you were passed over for a promotion. Perhaps you didn’t manage to pay off your debts or work out as much as you hoped to. List all of the places life didn’t live up to your hopes and expectations.

I think the main disappointment I can mention is that I didn’t lose the weight I had hoped. During the year I signed up with a personal trainer at my health club and used her for four months. I learned many new exercises, and while I had her I definitely noticed an increase in muscle, especially in my arms, although I think also my back experienced an increase in strength (helped with sitting at work). And I had just started to lose some weight when I quit using her — I had reached the limit of my money. But afterward, the weight loss didn’t really continue.

I don’t know really what happened. I continued to exercise with the different routines she gave me. I don’t THINK I was doing any less. Nor was I eating any more than I had been, as far as I could tell. But I still stopped losing, and during the holidays, of course, I gained a few. (Not much, but even a few is too many when you’re trying to lose.)

So once again, I approach the new year trying to regain my focus on eating right (I’ll discuss the specifics of that later), in smaller amounts but healthily. And I hope to be able to use my personal trainer, or perhaps another for a change of pace, again. I enjoyed having a “cheerleader” there. And it did help with motivation and encouragement. I just wish I had more money to spare for that, but I’m too frugal to do it at this point without having finished paying off my car, for example. But soon, soon, I think, I will try again.


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