Resolutions of a different kind: question 5

5. What are my personal values? What do you value in life? What matters most? You get to choose how you spend your energy. Define what you value and which values are — or are not — currently getting the benefit of your attention.

Well, for this, the most important thing to start with is that I am a Christian, and therefore my values are always based on what God wants. Or at least that’s what I try to achieve; all too often, I’m imperfect at it.

How am I implementing that? First, I commit a lot of time and energy into my ministries at church, doing work that furthers the praise and glory of God. Two, I am trying to develop all the talents God gave me, valuing my skills with crafts, at my job, and in my ability to live single and faithful to Him. Three, I continue to try to develop a spiritual aspect in every thing I do so that I am worshiping God in every part of my life. Worship is not just the Sunday morning, but every action in which I engage throughout the day, when I do it to the glory of God. I ask God to help me keep that underlying foundation strong and sure.

How am I not implementing that? Well, often I feel that my biggest weakness is insufficient time and attention given to Bible study and prayer. I’ve not yet figured out how to incorporate in such a way that it works for me. But given persistent thought, I think that God will show me how to make it work.

This is a short answer, but I don’t feel a need to be more explicit with this. Having done similar things like this before, my ideas are already fairly well-developed here, so documenting them in more detail is not precisely helpful.

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