Resolutions of a different kind: question 6

6. What roles do I play? Friend, partner, manager, cook, poet, firefighter, homeowner, parent, husband, aunt, caregiver? Boil these down to eight major roles you play.

I have quite a few roles, but perhaps not as many as women who are married with children. There are disadvantages to being alone, but there are also advantages. So what am I?

!Worker/Teacher/Reviewer/HTML encoder
!Friend of varied levels
!Aunt/Daughter/Sister/Cousin/Niece — I really think of all these as being a family member.
!Crafter (Spinner, quilter, sewer, cross-stitcher, etc.)
!Reader — and now I suppose a writer since I started this blog
!Singer/Video/audio person/Teacher — all these have to do with the ministries in which I serve at church
!Treasurer of a music fraternity chapter (I want to stop being this in a short while.)

Can I add student? It’s not really a big one at this point, but it is certainly something I do in a small way with my reading, and one I want to be more active with, taking classes in the things that interest me.

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