Intro to projects 13

Well, it’s been a long time since I posted on anything, due to the fact that my right arm and hand had some weird inflammation of the muscle problem, causing heat and pain. Typing on the computer did not help, so I decided to limit it to only necessary work, which meant the job for which I get paid, and the things I have absolutely promised to do on a deadline.

Fortunately, that time is now passed. I still need to be a little careful to not overuse my right arm, but the time of active pain is past, and I have been knitting again with no harm. (It was incredibly frustrating during the first week of the Olympics — great knitting time and my arm just couldn’t do it.)

Now I know that I haven’t finished my ten questions, but believe me when I say I need focus to work on that. So instead let me share about some further projects or project ideas. Among the list, let me describe #13, the prayer shawl.

This is based on the ministry that was started in the last decade to use knitting and/or crochet to express love to those in need of comfort and encouragement. While I didn’t feel any need to start a group of people to do this at my church — maybe I will one day — I thought it would be nice to make a shawl myself and give it away. This can be one of the ongoing projects that is always on the needles for fairly mindless knitting.

Now, not being one to follow suggestions exactly if they don’t suit me, I decided that I didn’t really want to use big yarn and big needles this time around. The pattern doesn’t care, so I decided to use what I prefer to work with. Actually, this is probably the biggest needle size I’ve used yet — US9 — and it just confirms me in my preference for smaller needle sizes. But I also have decided that this has just taken too long; I want these shawls to move along a little faster so I can give away more, so I think I’ll use a thicker yarn and make sure that I cast on for a slimmer, longer shawl than this one is turning out to be. I’m using Paton’s Classic 100% wool yarn, six balls of the denim shade. I like it, but the yarn is too thin for the effect I really was aiming for.

I do actually have picture for it, but it’s fairly dark.

It’s the big bluish mass in the center. The greenish thing up in the left corner is the Irish Diamond shawl that I’ve described before in one blobbish mass. I’ll show a better picture of it laid out later on. To the bottom left are the socks I was working on at that time, which I have since finished. They were my first pair.

Anyway, I am getting close to the end of the prayer shawl; the fifth of six skeins is more than halfway done. It is fairly mindless knitting and it’s time for it to be done. When I’m done, I’ll look around and see who needs one, get my small group at church to help me pray over it, and send it on to be a comfort to that person in need. In the meantime, I’ll start the next one.

Slightly updated list of projects/ideas to describe:
12. embroidery ideas
13. prayer shawl
14. cable scarf
15. quilt for Mom
16. potholders
17. jewelbox quilt
18. preemie sleeper for charity/friends; also need to make a hat — made one sleeper, more to come (just hope the baby gets to wear it!)
19. bags
20. yellow dress (muslin first! since the batik dress showed that the sizing is not perfect) — have cut the muslin
21. winter dresses
22. spinning for sweater — doing other spinning in the meantime
23. Celtic blackwork pattern
24. wristwarmers with leftover yarn from springtime hat(I need to tell you about that one too.) — shawl idea didn’t work out, but still using the same stitch pattern
25. possibilities for leftovers
26. purplish brown cardigan w/very special yarn

P.S. For some reason, I can’t see my own picture that I’ve added. So, if you happen to be looking at this page and can’t see anything where it’s pretty clear there should be a picture, please comment to let me know.


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