Resolutions of a different kind: question 8

8. What are my goals for each role? Your role-based goals don’t need to be terribly ambitious; they just need to feel energizing and purposeful and reflect your values. State your goals in the positive (“start” vs. “stop,” “do” vs. “don’t”) and as verbs. The best goals are also specific and measurable. For example, “Meditate for 15 minutes each morning” is preferable to the more vague “Reduce stress and increase peace of mind.”

!Worker/Teacher/Reviewer/HTML encoder — Continue to perform the necessary duties, add to my skills as a teacher and computer expert. Develop myself professionally and strive to network with the outside library world. (conference attendance, classes, training practice)
!Friend of varied levels — Work to develop and maintain the friendships that are so important to me. (visit, phone, email, blog!)
!Homeowner/!Do-it-yourselfer — Improve my house! Most especially, I wish to renovate the front bathroom this year. (Buy all the necessary pieces, then schedule the work with friends.)
!Aunt/Daughter/Sister/Cousin/Niece — I really think of all these as being a family member. — Work to maintain contact and enrich the relationships in my family. I want our family to be strong and flexible in helping everyone to be the best person that God wants us each to be. (visits and phone calls)
!Crafter (Spinner, quilter, sewer, cross-stitcher, etc.) — Add to my skills and improve the ones I have. (take a class, work on all the projects I have)
!Reader — and now I suppose a writer since I started this blog — Continue to practice writing, so that I can eventually write a novel. But as a reader, continue to expand my reading for self-development. (write on blog regularly, do NaNoWriMo; continue to read books for information, not just entertainment)
!Singer/Video/audio person/Teacher — all these have to do with the ministries in which I serve at church — Use these skills and improve them whenever possible. (watch for opportunities in addition to regular service)
!Treasurer of a music fraternity chapter (I want to stop being this in a short while.) — Get it done. Leave it in shape for the next person. (write up a schedule of tasks; do the tasks that await me)

I think that’s plenty of resolutions for one year.


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