Resolutions of a different kind: question 10

10. How can I make sure I achieve my goals? As you work toward your goals, keep asking yourself, “What’s the next step? What skills or support do I need now? Do I need a mentor? A ‘buddy’?”

In a way, I’ve already provided myself with some of the encouragement I need.

For the crafting skills, I have my lunch meetings at work and my monthly craft meeting at my house. Also, I regularly read blogs that focus on these matters. These help me to keep motivated.

For the renovation, I have friends who are to help me. This makes me somewhat accountable. I am buying a piece per month — this month’s piece hasn’t been bought yet, but I am ready for it. I just need to find time to actually buy it!

For the writing, well, I am accountable to whoever is reading me.

For the weight loss, I meet on Monday nights with a friend who has the same goals.

As for the rest, well, I think that’s enough for one year’s work. Which doesn’t mean I won’t try to accomplish some other things, I just won’t be dismayed if I don’t get to them this year.


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