Two now done!

Well, almost.

Last night, I finished the knitting of my second pair of socks. A lovely grey of the Wildfoote sock yarn (SY-39 master grey), I decided that I wanted to try out the toe-up pattern on the Wendy Knits site in order to properly learn short rows. Although the first sock took many tries, the second moved right along. (Many tries meaning I started back in October, when I was flushed with success from finishing my first pair of socks, I redid the toe three times before I successfully accomplished the short rows, had the same problem on the heel and redid IT three times before I got it done right, started the cuff and then ripped back because the change in needle size turned out to be a mistake, and finally finished it. There were long rests from frustration in between these several attempts. The second sock took probably a month, and that only because I’ve been working on other things in the meanwhile. Each try for toe and heel was successful on the first go round. Apparently the three tries for each on the first sock meant I did learn it properly.)

So, October to March for this second pair — I think my next pair, which is already started with some lovely Koigu, won’t take as long, although I have had to rip back once already. (I had cast on too few stitches for the needle size US0.)

I’ll get a picture up as soon as I can. There is still some weaving-in of ends to do, plus I want to better cover up the hole in my heels at the ankle. I did try to pick up stitches to cover this problem, but apparently didn’t quite get enough.

The second FO is the prayer shawl. I do actually still have to bind off; haven’t had the time in the last two nights to get to it because I want to do the stretchy bind-off from EZ, but otherwise it’s finished. I’m really glad about that since I really do want to start the next one. The pattern is mindless, but I’m eager to use the new yarn. It’s variegated and pretty! (Don’t have the details with me now, tell you later what it is.)


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