teeming ideas

The past three days I’ve been attending a conference Computers in Libraries that has given me lots of ideas. Although I never really intended this blog for professional discussion, I feel the need to work out some of these ideas that have been suggested by the presentations I’ve seen.

Like any conference, there were some good presentations and some not so good. The ones that were most interesting to me were about wikis and about the software that affects the display of search results for library catalogs. The potential here is enormous. I think what excited me most about the search display presentations was the fact that the work I produce — subject headings, classification numbers, authority headings — were all being used to actually and actively narrow the search by the users in a way that had never been done before. Before, it was always difficult for the user to see how to use those headings to properly find what they wanted. Now the information is presented as an easy click to narrow a search. The information I produce is actively being used.

The wiki presentations showed the possibilities of how wikis could be used. Since I am trying to do something like that for our team, this was actually extremely helpful. I think I’m on the right track. Maybe later, I’ll discuss that in more detail.

My brain is too tired and too full to even discuss it in much detail right now, but I’ll try again on Monday.


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