Intro to projects 29

This one gets bumped up because it is simply a new prayer shawl. Since I finished the last one, this one immediately got started. Of course, I had to change something from the previous one.

Yarn: Handpaint Originals by Brown Sheep (70% mohair, 30% wool)
Color: HP70 Forest Floor

This is a lovely variegated yarn with greens predominant, but lots of other shades included. When I first started the shawl, I cast on fewer than I had on the previous one — I had concluded quite a while ago that that one was too big across. But I had a slight panic attack after a couple of rows — it felt weirdly itchy. This struck me as strange, since it’s mostly mohair. So I decided to backtrack and do a quick test swatch. I’m still not sure what happened, but after a nice square and a quick wash, the itchiness eased and the softness came through. I definitely think that I need wash this once it is done, otherwise it might not be as welcome.

I’ve also decided to make a change in the pattern itself. The variegation looks nice in garter stitch, but it also looks nice in stockinette, so I’m going to do some random stretches of stockinette here and there throughout the sweater. It’ll be hard to control the urge to be symmetrical, though.

the rest of the projects to come
14. cable scarf
15. quilt for Mom
16. potholders
17. jewelbox quilt
18. preemie sleeper for charity/friends; also need to make a hat — made one sleeper, more to come (just hope the baby gets to wear it!)
19. bags
20. yellow dress (muslin first! since the batik dress showed that the sizing is not perfect) — have cut the muslin
21. winter dresses
22. spinning for sweater — doing other spinning in the meantime
23. Celtic blackwork pattern
24. wristwarmers with leftover yarn from springtime hat(I need to tell you about that one too.) — shawl idea didn’t work out, but still using the same stitch pattern
25. possibilities for leftovers
26. purplish brown cardigan w/very special yarn
27. Lochinver sweater
28. new baby sweater
29. prayer shawl #2


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