Slow April

I haven’t really been posting this month, and I can’t even say particularly why. It’s not that I’ve been overwhelmingly busy, although busy I’ve certainly been. It’s more, I think, that when I’ve spent time on the computer, required activities have taken precedence over writing.

I never did write any comments on the conference here, although I have written them up for the wiki at work, so that others could benefit. I may transfer them to my outside wiki, just so I will always have access to them.

And that little italics betrays one of the items that is on my brain nowadays. Work is causing me… concern. To be precise, I’m not concerned about losing my job or anything like that. Rather, the library management are doing things of which I do not approve, and cannot feel comfortable with. If they continue, I can easily see myself leaving there, even though I don’t really want to. The mere thought of job-hunting, moving, and all the assorted upheavals that accompany it, gives me feelings of dread. Plus, I like quite a few of the people I work with, and I’m settled in this area. Besides which, I have fun plans for this house. And furthermore, it is quite likely that any new job I find will take me farther away from family. Not a certainty, by any means, but a real likelihood. So on the whole, I’m not happy about the way things are going.

So what am I doing about this? Personally, I am taking steps, as I have been for quite a while, to make myself an extremely desirable employee in another library. Professional development is not a big thing where I work currently (short-sighted of them), so I have to push it myself. But I do, believe you me.

In relation to my job, I am left uncertain. Should I go ahead and voice my concern and displeasure publicly? I don’t have the professional stature to do it with impunity at this point. Is it fear? or inertia? or confusion about what is best? Not everything they have in mind is bad, though a great deal of it is, but none of it is not being done well, or with consideration for others. Librarianship is a cooperative world, and yet that very concept has been totally ignored in the last week.

I do know that there is a petition going round somewhere, and believe me, I will sign that!

I know I haven’t been explicit here to anyone reading this. That is actually intentional, because if I am explicit, anyone could figure out exactly where I work and what I do. I am generally too cautious on the net to knowingly expose my privacy that way at this point. Plus, the whole issue of whether or not I want to be that public where my workplace is concerned still holds. Maybe one day I’ll feel comfortable it, but not now.

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