Unpleasant realization

Well, this morning I had the unpleasant task of facing the reality that I had gained weight; I thought I had, but this morning the scale confirmed it. It just happened this month, and I was really noticing the way my clothes were fitting.

This is actually a part of a slow, sad trend upward ever since I moved into this area. I’m not sure how to tackle the problem.

Yes, I know the simple answer: eat less, exercise more. What I mean is: how do I tackle it so that it works for me?

Premise: I try to eat in a certain way that emphasizes local, organic, minimally processed food. Not to be obsessed, because I do eat out, but that is my focus.

Premise: I need some kind of outside encouragement to keep me going, whether it be focused on the food side or exercise side. I function better that way.

So how do I do this?
I’m reluctant to use a weight loss program that forces me to focus overmuch on my food, such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. I don’t know that I necessarily trust what they teach. I used WDW in the past, and it worked for me, but with the somewhat weird things that the leader of this program is now doing, I find it difficult to gain the encouragement I need from it. (I’m reluctant even to link to it because I find myself unwilling to recommend it, even though the essential truth of the weight loss information is still true.) Nonetheless, that may be my first focus attempt. I believe that I can use it. However, I’m going to talk to a friend who is also struggling with weight loss to see if we might want to find some way to be accountable just to eat other.

Exercise possibilities are more varied. Personal trainer would be good, as would the team program that my health club offers (considerably cheaper than the PT, too). Also, simply pushing myself more in that area has potential, as well as trying other options such as yoga classes, etc. I have to confess that this year I’ve been lazy about exercise, not in the sense of not doing it — I’ve been quite consistent in that — but in not pushing myself. I’ve been content with being in a rut. That’s not good.

Ok, two decisions: 1) I will look into local WDW classes and see if anything is happening close by that I could join. 2) I will pursue the possibility of the team approach at the health club and see if it might work for me.

I’ll try to go by there today (if I can fit it in!).

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