Projects update

This may not help anyone else, but it helps me to collect my thoughts.

15. quilt for Mom — no change
16. potholders — no change
17. jewelbox quilt — no change
18. preemie sleeper for charity/friends; also need to make a hat — Finished the hat — like the yarn. May use it for a summerweight cardigan for myself. Will give a more detailed update in a little.
19. bags — no change
20. yellow dress — no change
21. winter dresses — no change
22. spinning for grey sweater — done some more.
23. Celtic blackwork pattern — no change
24. wristwarmers with leftover yarn from springtime hat (I need to tell you about that one too.) — I think this one must go.
25. possibilities for leftovers — no change
26. purplish brown cardigan w/very special yarn — no change
27. Lochinver sweater — moving right along
28. new baby sweater — will do a separate post soon.
29. prayer shawl #2 — finished; will do a separate post soon.
30. Quilt wall hanging — no change
31. Evergreen quilt — no change
32. Started one of the linen hand towels — moving along, but about to run out of yarn; slight problem here!
33. Next lace shawl, no change except maybe found some yarn, except that it require me dyeing it
34. Socks with Koigu yarn — undid what I had done on US000 needles, now doing on US0 needles. Have already gotten past where I was before, so moving right along.

NOTE: I have a new digital camera, so pictures will follow soon!!!!


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