My eyes are bigger than …

In this case, it’s my time. There are always so many things to do — and today I have a holiday, so I’m trying to get some of them done. I’ve learned to look at my list and pick a select few for days like this, otherwise I’m terribly disappointed when I don’t get them all done. And sometimes I do get a lot done, but it’s not what is on the list.

So today, what is my list? Do another layer of joint compound on a drywall patch, remove caulking from shower and replace (move stuff to another shower to use in the meantime), do laundry, move in new-made piece of furniture (already done!), can apple butter, and do general cleaning, as much as possible, since I have guests tomorrow. Specifically that will include vacuuming in the living room (mostly done) and cleaning the front bathroom.

I think the apple butter may wait until tomorrow. It’s my first attempt at making and canning apple butter, so I want to make sure it goes right.

And now, to start on the laundry. As soon as it is sorted and the first load started, I’ll do the drywall patch. After that, it may be time for a break. This is a holiday, after all.

I’ll tell you about the furniture tomorrow. It is my very first attempt at woodworking of any sort, and I’m rather proud of it.


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