Horror of cold

I’ve come to realize that in my attempts to save money by lowering heating costs that I am fighting something of a losing battle. Why? Because I HATE COLD. To be more precise, I hate being cold. I’m okay with it being cold outside, as long as I am warm. But to save money on my gas bill, I have to lower the temp inside to somewhere in the low 60’s F, and I have found that I just can’t do it. If my fingers are cold, then I don’t function well. If my toes are cold, then I don’t function well. If my ears are cold, I am an unhappy woman. And these are the hardest parts to keep warm. Sweaters, long johns, sweats, all these work great for the rest of the body, but the extremities? Not so good.

Now part of my problem has to do with my house. The living room and kitchen have a connected cathedral ceiling, which of course does Not Help when it comes to warming ME. Running the fans helps a little, but it’s hard to tell how much. I end up having to turn up the heat just to warm me up to a functional level. It’s most noticeable when I’m teleworking, therefore at home for long periods of time stuck in front of a computer, having to type. My fingers need to be warm.

I wonder if fingerless gloves would help? I may have to try it.

The only thing I can figure to do is a small electric heater, focused directly on me, that allows the general temperature to be lower, thus using less overall energy. I wonder if that will really work? The only true test is to do it, then watch my gas bill.

All part of my continuing efforts to use less energy. I do believe in leaving only a light footprint upon the earth, but not at the cost of my health.


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