I’m a creature of lists, at times. Part of it has to do with the detail-oriented nature of a cataloguer, another part just has to do with my organizational inclinations. (Of course, these are both intertwined, but don’t ask me which came first — the chicken or the egg?)

Today, I’ve had my Christmas list on my mind. My family buys pretty individually, and I’ve actually had pretty good luck this year, not only with getting them good stuff that they want, but also with getting ideas for those who aren’t giving me a list! I just hope those ideas work!

Let me see: Mom, Dad, Sister, BIL, Nephew 2 & 3, Brother, Niece 2 all done. That just leaves Nephew 1, SIL, and Niece 1. I have a definite idea for SIL, and probably gift certificates to Borders or suchlike for Nephew and Niece 1. They are getting more and more difficult to buy for.

The most important thing is getting them all done in plenty of time to feel relaxed for the holiday season. I hate feeling rushed!

Whoops — almost forgot! Closest friend from college; not a required gift, but sometimes I get an inspiration, and I want to get one this year if the price is right.


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