Space for creativity

Now, following the previous post on how I schedule my creativity, I also want to reflect a little on how I set aside the space for that same creativity when I’m at home.

Now, let’s start with a basic fact: I don’t have to consider other people’s preferences. This affects a lot of my decisions about how I organize myself. For example, my shoes are in my front closet near to the door, because that’s where I take them off and put them on. If someone else lived here, that might not work so well, but with just me, it works beautifully.

So where do I work? I don’t need to shut myself off into a different room because I’m the only one in the room, and shutting my stuff off from myself and the room I do most of my living in means that I wouldn’t drag it out near so often. Convenience and accessibility play a major factor here for me.

Downside? Well, yes, because that space is also my living room, where I visit with my guests. I want that space to look nice and welcoming yet at the same time have all my crafting supplies ready to hand. To convert it entirely to a workroom is not really what I want. But there are limitations to that choice. Because of the size, I can’t really have it set up with a sewing table and my current projects always spread out; there’s not enough room, plus that would look really messy. But NOT having it out means I’m much less likely to work on it. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve been doing so much knitting at home — it is much easier to take out and put back with minimal effort, whereas the sewing takes a lot more work to unpack for work to progress.

So I’ve gotten things a little more organized over time, but I’m still not satisfied with what I’ve got. I need a nicer cabinet-type piece of furniture that can be closed off or left open (doors that slide into the sides would be good), and can take baskets and other kinds of organizer boxes for all the supplies that would otherwise need to be left out. That will make it easier both to pull out and put up. Currently they are in a small chest of drawers that doesn’t welcome the boxes/basket options, nor is it really big enough.

I’m working on it.

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