Project confusion

I’ve been having uncertain thoughts about my next projects. I whipped out the Xmas present knitted hat (although it may be too big, but then again, he can grow into it, so I’m not stressing about that one yet). I finished my Koigu socks (pictures later). I finished and sent away the charity hat (couldn’t find it when it was time to send it because I forgot that I washed it! Had to pray hard for God to remind me what I’d done with it). I need to check and see if Rachel H got it yet for her Soaring Eagles project. (Quick check, I think she got it.) Felting the boxes is still in process, but since those are simply experiments, no rush. Need to get a chenille needle and some thread to sew together the edges on the second one.

So what am I doing now? Well, continuing to work on Lochinvar, the sweater. Started a lace scarf with my own handspun yarn (first time ever!). Started another hat for charity with the Lamb’s Pride sale yarn; I think I’ll just use it up that way. Am working on starting the next pair of socks, but find myself less than thrilled with the pattern so far. It’s Lorna’s Laces sock yarn, and I love the feel of it and the thinness of the yarn, but the color patterning isn’t thrilling me at this point. I’ve frogged the little bit I did, and am contemplating what I want to do next in the quest for more socks. Frogged the third prayer shawl, because I decided I had made it too wide, then restarted, after having luckily found two more skeins of the yarn, because I also decided that it would need more depth. Doing a stole shape with feather and fan pattern longways. The afghan is an ongoing, longterm project, and I haven’t done anything on it recently. Probably wouldn’t hurt to add another square sometime soon. Maybe with the start of the new year? Goes good with the theme of this year, every little step is progress.

So what next? Or what else?

The Trekking yarn for some socks? Nice blues. Restart the LL sock with a toe-up pattern and mostly stockinette, which I think will work better for the black and grey colors? Start my sister’s socks? Need her measurements, even if we do wear the same size shoe! I really would like to do one of the patterns from Folk socks, but that means buying more yarn, because the pattern requires more solid colors. That may have to wait, since I try not to buy too far ahead of myself. I am averse to building up a large stash; a small one is acceptable, but it must stay within the limits I impose. Actually start something with the expensive purple handspun yarn? I would like to do something with it! Return to the cable scarf, although I’m no longer so sure that a scarf is a good place to practice cables? Start designing the Fair Isle scarf I want to do to learn Fair Isle work? (Once again, this means buying yarn!) That, at least, is definitely going to wait until next year. Still swatching and playing with the laceweight yarns to find out what needle size works best for them. It will definitely be small needles. I frogged the linen yarn for the hand towel, not because I didn’t like the idea, but because I didn’t really want to spend the money to finish it. One skein of linen is enough for me to know that I am not going to be a huge fan of linen yarn except under specific situations. I think I’ll redo that one skein up into dishcloths and see who they soften over time before I consider the after-dark robe in MD Knitting. I like the idea, but not the expensive of that much linen yarn without being sure that I would like how it softens up. Want to do some cotton hand towels for a guild exchange. Need to get some appropriate yarn for that? Or should I just withdraw from that particular exchange?

Definite things to buy in the near future, but not right away: KnitPicks dpn’s because I really want to try their 5″ length for sock knitting, plus some more of their Options needles and the pattern cover/carrier that they have, which will work perfectly for my larger patterns.

As you can see, my ideas are a muddle, and the visual journal isn’t necessarily helping me right now, because I keep thinking about the Fair Isle pattern, which I’m not ready to start on yet!

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  1. Leigh said,

    December 22, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog about my Rare Breed Sweater. I agree that this first front looks a little lopsided. I’ve contemplated if I should change anything because of that. My hope is that once the 2nd row of sheep is knitted and the pieces are all put together it will be ok. The lone looking sheep on the right is separated from the lamb by the same number of stitches as the sheep on the back. Hopefully it will look better once it’s done.

    You’ve got a lot of interesting projects going on. I’ll be especially interested in your design for your Fair Isle scarf.

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