So how do we like this new year?

Not that much different, I gotta tell you. There’s already too much to do and too little time to do it. And much of it is my own fault. However, I’ll talk about what I’ve signed up for later. Right now I want to report on my embroidery experimentation.

On the blog In a minute ago, SharonB suggested Take-a-stitch Tuesday as a way of experimenting in a group on various embroidery stitches, for crazy quilting and just for exploration fun. Since I am trying to learn more embroidery stitches and get comfortable with them — after all, that is how you can then learn to see the possibilities of where to use them appropriately, I decided to sign up. So this past Tuesday, she started with herringbone stitch, with all kinds of fascinating possibilities.

I decided to start simple.

I knew I wanted to experiment with the different sizes and one type of thread, with interweaving, with herringbone on top of herringbone using a variegated thread, and with the shaping of a curve. So I did a little experimentation.

1) Pearl cotton with shaping.

I really liked that effect. I can see myself using it in a picture somewhere. It’s like the trusses on an old-fashioned bridge.

2) 6-strand embroidery floss with different sizes

You can’t really see all the sizes here — there’s only so much a camera can do, and it’s so difficult to get good, close-up, detailed shots that don’t blur! I really tried, too! (I think I will try again.) Anyway, I found it fascinating to see how the difference between herringbone over two stitches height, versus four, versus six, really changed the effect. Plus, I find myself becoming more and more fascinated with variegated thread. I love the effects of it.

3) 6-strand embroidery floss with two herringbone stitches laid on top of one another

AND 4) 3-strand embroidery floss with interweaving of two types

I find it interesting how the herringbone in #2 looked like braid when it was just two stitches high, but in #3, it also looks like braid, just a more complex one. I rather like the look, but then I’ve always loved long braided hair.
On #4, I established the base herringbone with a light green strand — they are actually variegated threads, but it’s such a long dye section that you can’t tell it here — and a weaving on each section of the herringbone in a light pink to contrast. It is a lovely, light combination, which I enjoy more than I expected to, since I like vivid colors. Then I tried a different weave on the right, and even with the same colors, it turned out to have a more definite contrast. My liking for definite color contrasts comes out — I think I like that one better. Maybe. I guess it depends on what effect I am trying to achieve.

Now, what else would I like to try? Well, depending on time, I’d like to try something with beads ON the thread and weaving in ribbon. I fear that may have to wait however. But this is fun!


  1. Lisa said,

    January 8, 2007 at 6:55 pm

    You’re #3 looks like the thread is sitting on top of the fabric! What a cool effect.

  2. Susan said,

    January 14, 2007 at 3:34 am

    I really like #3. It gives a whole different look to the stitch. Thanks! All of your stitching is so neat!

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