Sampler quilts

I suddenly realized in looking at my recent posts that one might think I am working exclusively on the TAST challenge.

This is SO not true.

These days, I have seven knitting projects of varying levels of difficulty actively going on, plus I am taking a beginner’s machine quilting course in order to fill in the gaps on my self-taught skills. So far it hasn’t taught me anything dazzlingly new, but has added in some nice tricks. Hopefully I may actually get a completed quilt out of it that I have made all the way on machine. We’ll see.

Also, my cross-stitch project continues to move along on one hour a week. Spinning and regular sewing are on the back burner right now, but will return fairly soon. (I am scheduled for a one-day spinning class the middle of this month.)

This post is for the quilt progress, but I’ll make sure to get up pictures of the other items soon as well.

Anyway, here are the blocks I have made so far.

A lovely nine patch block called Monkey wrench

Next is the slightly more complex nine patch, Ohio Star

Yet more complexity in the interesting Jacob’s Ladder

The second week we moved on to four patch blocks, of which I have made only one so far. I have a second one in progress (Windmill), but I am having problems with it coming out properly due to the irritations of stretchy bias edges on triangles. But I may have discovered a trick to working around that. In the meantime, I have done the Shooting Star.

In the meantime, I am slowly, slowly working on another quilt that I have done up to this point entirely by hand. I pieced it ALL by hand, which has taken me quite a while, considering I mainly worked on it at work. (That’s part of why it is all by hand, since a sewing machine is NOT going to work with me.) I am only on my third block of quilting at this point, so this is going to take me probably four years before I’m done, but that’s okay.

Actually, in looking at this picture, I realized that it is out of date, since the quilt now has twelve blocks, not nine. I had completed it up to this point, looked at it, and said, I want it longer. So I made three more blocks and added them in. It also is a sampler quilt. I’ll try to get an updated picture soon, so that I can actually name all the blocks I made.


1 Comment

  1. Leigh said,

    February 18, 2007 at 4:22 am

    I really like the way you use color in your quilt blocks. Excellent!

    I can’t imagine having 7 UF knitting projects! I can barely keep track of one or two.

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