Chevron stitch and Algerian eye

Well, I actually did these a while ago, but I’m posting late. It’s been fairly busy around here. But I did get them up on flickr!

Anyway, this is one where I actually planned ahead and decided to draw out some ideas of how to use these two stitches together.

Something about these two together really got me going — I had lots of ideas, as you can see.

So the first thing I tried was to simulate a quilt block idea, with partial and whole Algerian eye to shape it, and chevron to add some life in the four-patch quarters. All done with perle cotton 5. It came out pretty well, although I felt it was somewhat uneven in spots.

No, no, wait, that wasn’t first!

First was me doing some layered chevron stitch, using the different variegated threads of embroidery floss. The picture is a little dark, but the overall effect is there. I liked it, but was somewhat bored by it; partially I think it was because my floss had such long stretches of color. To get more of the color contrast and effect I was looking for, it needed closer color changes. I’ll have to look for that next time I buy some thread.

After that came the quilt block.

Then I got going on a landscape image, using these two stitches, along with some basic backstitch. I made a mountaintop using the Algerian eye stitch, then trees and a road using chevron stitch. It came out rather well.

Somewhere in the midst of this, I did try to do a stitch combination the way I’ve seen the crazy quilters among us use them on seams in a block. You may not be able to see it incredibly well, because the colors are darker, but it starts with a base chevron stitch, weaves in a twisted together strand of the blue and the gray colors, adds in fly stitch, then a French knot. It looks nice and complex, although I think the colors could have been done better. But I was in the mood for blue and gray (old high school colors; I’ve always liked that color combination).

So, the last things I tried were a “sun” shape, using the Algerian eye stitch with buttonhole, plus a basic border stitch seam treatment,
and another attempt at a kind of quilt block, a nine-patch this time. The sun came out rather nice, certainly better than the picture ideas of it, I think because it was actually smaller and closer together on fabric than it was on paper. The nine-patch is, well, still in process. I outlined it, and then decided I wasn’t sure exactly what to put in the blocks. Something different or the same in each one? I’ll have to think about that one some more.

Next, fly stitch, maybe combined with the next stitch to come along. Soon, I’ll try to get up the new quilt blocks I’ve made and a progress report on my other craft work. Today I just attended a class on learning how to spin flax. I’m not sure I really mastered the skill, but at least now I have a good grasp of the basic idea.

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  1. neki desu said,

    February 22, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    these are ultra cool!

    neki desu

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