One Local Summer Week 1b

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In conjunction with this lunch, I also had a beautiful buffalo steak and roasted cauliflower. The buffalo came from Cibola Farms, which sells at my local farmers markets, and the cauliflower came from a market vendor and my CSA farm subscription (it wasn’t quite enough, so I had to get more at the market). All I did with the cauliflower was mix it with some olive oil, pepper, salt, and a little red wine vinegar, then roasted it for approximately 30 minutes or so, ’til it was soft and caramelized. Yum!

Next week, yogurt?

One Local Summer Week 1

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Well, I’ve actually achieved a blog post — hurray for the end to the long silence.

I really did intend to get into bed on time tonight, but then I wouldn’t get this done until tomorrow or Thursday, so let’s be quick…

My meals are not exactly the normal meals that are described, so what you get is my lunch from Monday. Since lunch was the bigger meal of the day, it makes sense.

Here we have a lovely vegetable salad that satisfied beautifully. It is made of local red pepper, cucumbers, red onions, and corn, with parsley, basil, and cilantro in the lemon vinaigrette. Of course, the olive oil, lemons, salt and pepper weren’t local, but I tend not to be too concerned with them. And the lemons were organic.