OLS snacks

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Although I have been extremely silent through the majority of One Local Summer, I thought I’d make up for some of my absence (lots of travel) by telling people about what I did do. Because, you see, even though I didn’t tell everyone about it, local food was on my mind as much as possible. And here you have one of my experiences with snacks.

In fact, with something this filling, sometimes a snack was a meal.

Here you have the lovely local apple and the creamy local cheese, both found at the farmer’s market. I really like putting a slice of apple and a slice of cheese together. It’s especially good with creamy cheese and tart apple, which means that summer apples aren’t the best for this snacks; it will reach its apex of taste in the fall, when the Staymans and Granny Smiths and such come into season. But even an average apple tastes better with a little bit of cheese.

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