Log cabin baby blanket

Log cabin baby blanket
Originally uploaded by bibliotecaria2

I don’t believe I’ve shown a picture of this yet — a baby blanket I did for a friend, well, for her baby. It turned out rather nice, although I would do a few things differently next time.

NOTE: hard to tell, but the color up top is a multicolored skein, with both blues and greens in it.

1) I used Plymouth Encore, and I just didn’t like it. Machine washable is vital for a baby blanket — but I’ll achieve with a different yarn.

2) I would use more than four basic colors. Partly that was not wanting to spend more than a certain amount on it, and because the Encore had so much in one skein, there was no way to get more colors without going over my budget. So something with less per skein, and a minimum of eight colors.

3) Although I did, more or less, follow the Mason-Dixon Knitting pattern, I nonetheless tweaked it by keeping my stitches live on each edge instead of binding off. This caused the joinings of a new strip of the log cabin to be a slight stockinette row instead of endless garter stitch. This was not BAD, but it wasn’t exactly right either. I will have to re-consider that method if I ever do it again, but I’m still not binding off every strip — I just don’t like that idea, partly because picking up stitches is such a hassle for me.

4) Although fine for a baby blanket, I would like to do a version that is a finer gauge, with something that is in the 3 mm range (US 4 +/-).


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