thinking through a decision

I’ll get to what I’ve been doing on the craft front next post, where I’ll update us all, myself included, on what I’ve been doing, but I suddenly felt the urge to write out my reasons for a decision — buying a smartphone.

Why in the world do I want one? Well,

#1. I’m thinking it may be time to replace my pda. I have greatly enjoyed my Tungsten E, and I have no real desire to replace it, but I do find that the battery is showing signs of wear. Now that may actually mean that I need to replace the battery, so if that were the only reason for replacing the pda, I’d just replace the battery, but

#2. I’ve been thinking I need to reduce the amount of poundage on my shoulder. It’s getting to to the point that sometimes it hurts my back to carry my bag into work, and when it’s JUST my purse, carrying the weight for a long time does get to me. Now, partly that means I need to replace my bag with something that is less unbalanced and thus more carryable for long periods of time, and I certainly have that in mind, but reducing poundage is another consideration in that process, and I definitely want to do that if possible. If I get a smartphone, I can combine cell phone and pda into one lighter piece of equipment.

#3. I’ve been thinking of getting a newer phone, that’s on the same network as some of my family, so as to reduce costs, and if I get something newer with GPS capabilities for emergency situations, I will feel perfectly comfortable in getting rid of my landline phone, and therefore getting rid of that bill. Yes, the cell phone bill will increase, but that’s ok, since I hope it will remain below the combined price of landline and cell phone now.

Criteria to achieve if I really do this:
1. phone where I can transfer my current Palm info without having to re-enter it.

2. preferably Verizon network, which is where I can link to several family members, or AT&T, which is where I am now and allows me to talk to college friend regularly for free.

3. QWERTY keyboard

4. long battery life

5. Anything else I can think of?

Obviously, I have some homework to do.

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