What have I been doing? (the knitting)

Well, I’ve finally broken another long silence, so let’s see what I’ve been doing.

I finished this pair of socks, the number five pair. They came out fairly nice, and I do like the yarn, but I must say, I won’t be using that heel again.

I finished this scarf for myself, and decided against keeping it. The edges kept curling under, and I want something that will lay flat. It was incredibly annoying. Anyway, I thought I might as well try to sell it through my guild sales, or else give it to charity. I decided to try again with the Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn, because it is so marvelously soft.

This time, I’m trying to do some two-color knitting, in order to teach myself the skill of one color over each hand. That is still in progress.

I did a quick hat for charity, using up some stash yarn that I was glad to get rid of.

I started a lace shawl,Garden Shawl started

but somehow seem to have gotten distracted with another that I am close to finishing, once again using up some stash yarn. I will probably attempt to sell this as well, since it is both extremely simple, and includes colors that do not appeal to me.

I started — and finished — my sixth pair of socks. These were my first pair made for someone else, and were a gift for my Sister for Christmas. I hope she likes them.

I then promptly made another pair for me, this time in Colinette Jitterbug yarn, which I like very well except for the fact that the skein is not quite big enough. I had a real struggle making them come out even. I am simply thankful that I did them toe-up rather than top-down. By the way, this was only the second time I had done toe-up, with short-row heels, and it worked so much better this time that I was delighted with them. Unfortunately, I think I made them just a little too big, though I don’t think that will stop me for wearing them.

Then I made this quick, top-down baby sweater for a baby shower gift at church, though I have yet to give it. It is, however, finished, ends woven in, so hopefully this weekend it gets washed and blocked, ready for delivery on Sunday morning.

In the meantime, I also made a shopping bag of Euroflax linen, once again using up some stash yarn that I had thought I would make into a
hand towel, once again a la Mason-Dixon Knitting, but then I realized how much yarn that would take for one towel, and decided that was a little too expensive for something that is generally woven anyway. So once I realized one of my reusable shopping bags was developing a hole, I found a good pattern on Ravelry and made one, more or less like the pattern I found. I still want to make something with linen yarn, but not a hand towel.

This is another one-ball project, where I had gotten the yarn to test out for swatching for a summer cardigan that is still on my goal list, but in the meantime, I decided to make something with the leftover yarn, and made this scarf for the guild Xmas party, although I also wove in some really pretty ribbon yarn to liven it up. I also made a baby hat with the blue leftovers from two other yarns that I used to swatch for that cardigan — hopefully it will fit the baby in question, since that family tends to have babies with big heads! And another baby hat, which may turn out to be too small and need to be used for a doll hat with the multi-colored leftover yarn.

And finally, I am trying to work on some legwarmers and a top-down sweater for myself. Both of them keep hitting pause moments, which I will blog about separately. The legwarmers, at least, have been a real challenge.

Anyway, I must say, listing all this on the blog makes me aware of what I’ve been doing this past year since I updated my projects list here. And this is just the knitting. I’ll do other posts for the other crafts.

Oh, and did I mention that I am working on socks #8?

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