What have I been doing? (quilting and sewing)

Well, this front has been fairly quiet, overall. I have done a few things, but nothing quite as fruitful as the knitting.

potholders in progress

First off, I already showed you most of the quilt I did last winter, so I won’t return there. I did, however, finish some badly needed potholders. The old ones were just some that Mom had bought me, and were getting so worn some were actually getting holes in them. So instead I found some nice food fabric, layered it with some thin cotton batting and some thermal protective fabric that is just right for potholders, then did some simple crosshatch quilting. This picture doesn’t show the completed ones — those pictures are still sitting on my camera — but I did a decent black binding with yellow and red thread. They turned out rather nicely

quilting on denim quiltIn the meantime, I’ve been working away, slowly but steadily, on my denim quilt. I currently have five or six blocks done, which is maybe a third of the work. It’s a total of sixteen blocks, with fairly wide sashing. And remember, this is one that I am doing completely by hand, piecing and quilting, so it’s probably going to end up taking me another year! Especially since I really only work on it one hour a week, during lunch at work when I meet with a friend. She is doing the same, and is closer to the end, but I must say, she has a higher record than I, considering it’s going to be finished for her son’s first wedding anniversary (we hope!), but she started it somewhere around the time he was born.

I’m using a variegated thread for the quilting, and I rather like the effect. Each block is getting its own quilting design, but I’ll probably do some kind of Celtic braid for the sashings.

But I have been doing some things on the sewing front as well Christmas stockings Here we have one batch of Christmas stockings that I did for charity.
This will probably be ongoing, since the charity was just gearing up the first time I did this, and boy did they need a lot! Over 700 homemade stockings done to give out to children with no chance of a decent Xmas, and they did have a good, decent selection of toys for the children, not cheap, throwaway stuff. I’ll certainly be doing more this year, but fortunately it’s a quick job.

theater curtain in progress

In connection with the mission trip I did in August, I made some theater curtains to go on a puppet stage made out of PVC pipe. (I did not make the stage; that was the carpenter in our group.) The curtains were fairly simple, justl ots of straight seams, but the sheer size of them made it a challenge. And then of course I had to pack them in my luggage! Fabric is heavy.

skirt made for mission trip

I did make myself a simple circle skirt, the kind that gets lots of fabric, for going down there. Partly for the challenge, partly because I needed another skirt of breathable fabric. I did add pockets, and was very pleased with myself. However, I’m not sure it was a complete success, since I don’t know that I like the look of myself in it. But maybe if I could make it only a slightly gathered skirt? I’m not sure, but the idea is working in the back of my head.

Did I do anything else? Well, mainly just repair work. I replaced the extremely worn out elastic waistbands of some of my favorite lounge-around shorts, but that was fairly simple once I figured out the appropriate width of elastic.

Now, I’ve got to practice in order to machine quilt my quilt top that is waiting for me. There’s also a crazy quilt top that I want to put together — I did that last year as well, but I have no pictures because I just remembered it! — and I’d like to do some threadplay on it first. Did I do anything with that crazy quilt piece that I was doing by hand? I’ll have to go find it, I think. It’s probably going to be the front of a pocket on a tote bag. But that probably needs to go into the embroidery post, so it can wait. I need to go looking in my project boxes to see if I’m missing anything.

Next topic: what have I been doing? (spinning)

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