It’s amazing what triggers my thoughts

This morning I was working away on a book, based on the pictorial exhibition of the life of a political activist who believed in Communism.

The thought that followed was not a new one: any political system like communism, that are based on utopian socialistic ideals, is bound to fail in the real world.

Why? Because people are people, and far too many of them lie, cheat, and steal. Any political system that depends on people always doing what’s right, what’s best for all, etc. simply will not work.

Of course, that led me to the question: am I a cynic?

The answer is: yes and no. I am a cynic about groups of people, and optimistic about individuals.

Of course, within the next day or so, I read a blog comment that talked about assumptions about socialism. And it made a valid point — do I really know what I’m talking about?

The answer is, not really.

Too many people here in America don’t know enough about political theory and ideas to make truly informed judgments. Even the people in charge don’t know that much either.

But I’m not one who can rest easy with a lack of knowledge. I promptly checked out a book from the library on the history of socialism. Maybe I can figure out what it really means. And maybe I can figure out what I think government is really for. (I may be more of a Libertarian than I think.)

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  1. lanea said,

    June 19, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    It’s amazing how scarred we still are by the Red Scare. So many Americans just point and shout when communism and socialism come up, and they forget that we have many tenets of those economic philosophies at work every day in our country.

    Me, I’m a big fan of European-style socialist policies, particularly when they’re protecting workers, making sure education is available to children, and making sure health care is available to everyone.

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