Change in thinking

I’ve been thinking (‘course this is the whole point of the blog — to share what I’m thinking, whether it’s worthwhile or not, so I hope you are all just fascinatingly interested) about exercise.

Partly this is due to the fact that I am trying something new, called CrossFit, which is interesting and challenging and actually having visible effects on my muscles. There are lots of good ideas behind CrossFit, which I am not going to try to explain, just go read the website. The one that attracted me the most is the variety of exercise, since I know that my body has been getting too accustomed to what I was doing, and therefore I was getting less benefits, and the fact that it challenges me, which I was trying to do with my running more, but not really feeling a strong benefit. Although in looking back, I think there was one, it just wasn’t enough, because I was still depending too much on one type of exercise.

So I’m getting variety and challenge, and good benefits — and the weirdest thing is I don’t feel like I’m working hard enough.

This is not because the exercises themselves aren’t hard; I’m doing scaled down workouts as it is, and although I’ve already had improvements, I’m certainly challenged enough as it is, in that sense. No, the problem lies in my own habits of thinking about exercise. My usual time period was an hour or so of exercise, and an attempt to burn a load of calories, according to what my HRM could tell me. I always wanted to hit a minimum of 300 or so, and the more the better. I had — have? — this mental requirement that to have any serious effect on my weight and/or my muscles, it had to be over 500 calories per session. Yet when I do a workout like this morning’s WOD, even including warm up time, I only used 35 minutes and burned only around 200 calories. I went ahead and walked another 25 minutes to cool down and crossed the minimum 300 mark in my head, but I’m not really sure that was necessary. Some cool down, yes, but not that much. Yet when I checked my weight, I have continued to lose a little bit of weight since I started this. (I just hope that trend continues.) This timing thing baffles me. Am I having that strong an impact on my metabolism?

Personally, I will be happy to adjust my thinking, especially since I’ve been playing with the idea of being able to add in what I had lost the time to do before in my exercise routine, which is some yoga. Since I feel the strong need for some stretching of muscles, especially as they strengthen, then this will come in very handy in the long run.


Sometimes you do something and realize afterward how unnecessary it was. And all because you don’t even follow your own instincts.

Yesterday after I got home after running some errands, I suddenly found my home computer wouldn’t turn on. It had worked with no problem that morning, but for absolutely no reason that I could see, it would NOT turn on.

This was frustrating and annoying. Also maddening. I am planning on replacing this computer soon, but not quite yet! I can’t really spare the money right now, it being home improvement year and all. Besides I think I’d like to use it as a combination backup and alternative test zone. I’ve always wanted to try the Linux OS, but being the chronic doublechecker, etc., that I am, I didn’t like the idea of playing with my one computer. But if I replace this as my main computer, then I could use it to play with the riskier items that I don’t want to try on my other pc.

I’ve also found that I am beginning to be addicted to constant internet contact. Not so much that I am always on or always need to be on, but I need to be always ABLE to get on if I’m at home. There’s too many things I do online which are part of the structure of my daily life, like paying my bills and checking my emails, that being without the capability for connection is subtly worrying. (It’s different if I plan it, like going on vacation.)

So, even though I didn’t want to, I got up and went to Best Buy to buy a new power supply. But the prices were obscene. Pardon, but I can get a decent power supply for $40 or less, not $70 or more! This store is definitely not meant for the person who knows what they want! That meant that I needed to go to Microcenter, which is a little farther away. So back home I went, since it was already too late to make it before they closed.

So this morning I got and get the power supply, among my other morning errands, get home, and start to replace it. And what happens? I 1) find out what is actually wrong is the power switch, which I forgot existed, got turned off accidentally, and 2) discover that the power supply I did buy won’t work with my computer (SATA connection, not IDE). I’m not sure which realization is more irritating. If I had just followed my instincts and pulled out my computer to really examine it carefully last night, this could all have been avoided.

Oh well, at least I got the computer(s) moved to where I want them now.

New shape

I’ve been thinking — this morning I was listening to the Stash & Burn podcast and they said something about EZ’s yoke sweater and how much they like it. Ironically, my first thought was exactly the opposite. I’ve never liked the round look of a yoke sweater at top. The square shape of shoulders and the round shape of the yoke have always struck me as contrary.

But then it occurred to me: what if I did a squared yoke? Wouldn’t that look good too? I’m going to have to consider this possibility. I may have an idea for my next sweater.

It would have to be fine yarn, I think.

Thoughts on GTD

I thought I’d put these in a blog post, since they weren’t getting any attention from me buried in a document on my phone. They came out of my first reading of this book several years ago. I think I need to read it again.

Getting things done / David Allen
recommendations from Book Nook on

-does workflow diagram apply to weekly review only? Or anything that comes along?

-Actually, REAL listmaker wants:
1. Someday/maybe lists
2. Next action lists
Waiting for
@shopping (variety of shops)
3. Master projects list
4. Individual project lists that are big enough to require them (e.g., Remodel Project, that needs project lists for individual projects)

*Where do you put recurring tasks that are NOT dated?
-Trash obviously does not require a list
-Reference material: some may be needed in planner for ready reference
-In his reference filing, he did not explain where to put stuff you want to read and throw away?

Regularly revamp project and s/m lists.

Work continues

I haven’t been very talkative this summer so I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been doing.

Crafts-wise, I am continuing to do little knitting projects (baby sweater, another pair of socks), spin a little alpaca, plug away at my handquilting and cross-stitch projects, and warp the loom for the next project (I finished the sampler). I just finished that last night, and boy! was that an adventure. Frustration!

Why? Well, of course, being the ambitious person I am, I decided that for me, the next good sampler was simply some dishcloths, trying out different twill patterns, using finer cottolin thread. In and of itself, that wasn’t really difficult (although I did have an annoying moment winding the warp, when I realized I had wound precisely half the warp and had to go back and wind again). Sleying the reed took comparatively little time, since I had decided on a fairly plain pattern of wide 5″ white with 1″ blue stripes, but threading the heddles — whew! — that took a while.

Then yesterday, I finished that little bit of threading that was left and finally started to beam the warp. I was trying the front to back method, since I had done the back to front method before. Conclusion: either I made some nasty mistakes or the front to back method and I do NOT get along. I am quite sure I lost some warp length in the process of getting it to hold taut. Next time, I wonder if it would work better if I had a second pair of hands to help? I’ll certainly ask about that at the next guild meeting.

In the meantime, I am keeping busy with the renovation of my front bathroom. Drywall is up and the next project will be tiling the shower. Today I must mud the joints for the second time and also try to get the silicone around the edges of the inset shelving for the shower wall so that it is ready for tiling on Saturday. Plus, today, I should be receiving the prefab shed which is going up in my backyard soon. Which reminds me, I think I need to call my HOA to nag about trimming the trees next door.

It’s home improvement year.