Work continues

I haven’t been very talkative this summer so I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been doing.

Crafts-wise, I am continuing to do little knitting projects (baby sweater, another pair of socks), spin a little alpaca, plug away at my handquilting and cross-stitch projects, and warp the loom for the next project (I finished the sampler). I just finished that last night, and boy! was that an adventure. Frustration!

Why? Well, of course, being the ambitious person I am, I decided that for me, the next good sampler was simply some dishcloths, trying out different twill patterns, using finer cottolin thread. In and of itself, that wasn’t really difficult (although I did have an annoying moment winding the warp, when I realized I had wound precisely half the warp and had to go back and wind again). Sleying the reed took comparatively little time, since I had decided on a fairly plain pattern of wide 5″ white with 1″ blue stripes, but threading the heddles — whew! — that took a while.

Then yesterday, I finished that little bit of threading that was left and finally started to beam the warp. I was trying the front to back method, since I had done the back to front method before. Conclusion: either I made some nasty mistakes or the front to back method and I do NOT get along. I am quite sure I lost some warp length in the process of getting it to hold taut. Next time, I wonder if it would work better if I had a second pair of hands to help? I’ll certainly ask about that at the next guild meeting.

In the meantime, I am keeping busy with the renovation of my front bathroom. Drywall is up and the next project will be tiling the shower. Today I must mud the joints for the second time and also try to get the silicone around the edges of the inset shelving for the shower wall so that it is ready for tiling on Saturday. Plus, today, I should be receiving the prefab shed which is going up in my backyard soon. Which reminds me, I think I need to call my HOA to nag about trimming the trees next door.

It’s home improvement year.

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